Table wares

  • Saltcellar

    Period: 14th/15th century

    Material : Brass

    € 100,00
  • Salt Cellar
    Salt Cellar

    Period:15th-16th century

    In the medieval period salt was a more valuable commodity than it is today and would have been displayed in splendid vessels. An item like this would only have been found in households of relatively high…

  • Cup 1350
    Cup 1350

    Period: 14/15 th century

    The original, from Prague, was made of silver and dated to 1350. It is 8cm tall and 9cm across at the widest point. The original was made by soldering six panels together

    € 55,00
  • 15th century Cup
    15th century Cup

    Period: 15th Century

    Based on an English find

    € 55,00
  • 8 sided medieval flagon
    8 sided medieval flagon

    Period: 14th-15th Century

    This flagon falls into a category of vessel, popular in the 14th century, and known as ‘square’ pots. It holds just over a quart of liquid and would have been used for bringing ale or wine to the…

  • Set  of 1x flagon and 2x cup 1350
  • Trencher

    Period:14th-16th century

    Size: 176 x 141mm

    Plates from which one ate were unknown throughout the medieval period. Instead, ones food was placed upon trencher bread. This was four days old bread, which would, after the meal, (and…

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